Sunday, September 25, 2011

Polyamourous relationships vs. Pologamous

When I was a child growing up I never heard of Polyamoury. I had heard of polygamy however. It was always on the news, cults who force the women to wear dresses and have a million children. Where old men married 14 year old girls and lived in compounds. I hadn't heard of any relationships that contained multiple long term partners that wasn't cheating or polygamy. Growing up I never had crushes on one person only, I couldn't understand monogamy. Loving only one person? When I went into the dating scene I felt the only way to be was with one person, wither it man or woman, I had to chose one.
the ability of not choosing is what Polyamoury gives me. I no longer have to chose who I love. I can love and live freely. People assume you can only love one person, they forget they love multiple people on a daily basis. As a child did you love one parent more than another? As a parent do you love one child over another? In my relationship I dont love one person more, I love them differently, for they are different people and need different things. That doesn't mean I love one more.
The knowledge that each of them love another aside from me, doesn't hinder me, I find it frees me. It allows me breathing room where in a monogamous relationship I feel smothered and trapped.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Things I will never understand

- Flip flops (they just dont seem comfortable)
- Thongs (See Flip Flops)
-People who dont like bubble baths
- People who dont dance
- People who insist on being mature all the time. ( It will not kill you to relax and have fun. It might actually make you a better person to act silly)
- People who dont like chocolate ( thats just weird)
- Tentacle Porn. ( I dont like slimy things, I can stand being licked.... How the girls dont scream is confusing how people find it sexually arousing to see squid and octopus on naked girls is even more so)

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Can romance and relationships be any more confusing?
I'm not really sure. Out west polyamoury or non monogamous relationships seem to be fast approaching the norm. for relationships. I've been in a few and their wonderful, but they have mostly been ones where I am with my "primary" (which was a woman) and a cute man walked by so I said "hey look a penis to have sex with can I honey pleasepleaseplease????" and so he would stick around for a while and we would have a relationship based on sex, all in all very nice. Im flirty and a bit flighty unfortunately.
I have been been with boyfriend for two years, just me and him, really a record for me not to get bored. But the expiration date has been hit and now Im getting bored,I still really care about him. I just think I need one more person in the relationship to allow me to continue to care about him and not turn murderous. I have just the person in of his best friends ( lets call him carl) . Over the last two years Carl and my relationship has grown and it now sits at this really awkward stage where we do everything that couples do except kiss and fuck. We cuddle, we flirt, we go out on dates and at the end we give goodnight kisses on the cheek. It horrible,that I want more and that hes my boyfriends friend.

Also I'm moving.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

when a photogrpaher asks you...

A woman came in last week lets call her Mrs. Jane, so Mrs. Jane comes in with a photo of her infant son says "I want this photo duplicated for my infant daughter" I replied with "We will do our best but it might not work." When duplicating a photo it is always a hit and miss thing. Mrs. Jane comes in and I tell her the pose might not be perfect since the previous photographers used an incline and I am only able to use rectangular blocks. She responds very snarkily with "Well when I came in to book this appointment the woman said it was no problem and they could do it for sure" I hate when people miss quote me to me. I remembered her, why couldn't she remember me? I am not that generic. I feel kind of bad I snapped a little and said "No I didn't. You dealt with me. I remember booking your appointment I said we would try." Stubborn to the end she said "Well try isn't good enough I was promised the same picture by that woman." Her loving husband pulled her down and said in a loud-ish whisper "Sweetie that is the woman you dealt with"
we continued to the session and we managed to build the incline, looked pretty good too, and she began to undress her baby. Which I have no problem with at all, but I always ask then when the baby isn't wearing a diaper you place the "pee pads" under them so if/ when they pee it doesnt get all over everything, plus its way more sanitary. So I gave them to her and explained all this. A normal person would go okay thanks. or wont it show? no? okay thanks. Not her, oh no, it was "we didn't do this with my son" "it will show!" " MY baby wont pee" when I thought I had convinced her she placed the baby down and I took a few shots. I went to change the pose, had her remove the baby picked up the black blanket and it was soaking wet!! Turned around to see her unscrunching the pee pads out of her fists!! I couldn't believe it! She expected me to clean up after her baby's pee. I said "your baby just ruined 4 blankets with her pee. you didn't put the pads down and she peed. Now my hands are covered in her urine." She replied with. "oh." That's its. No "omigoshimsosorry" no "sorry" even. Maybe is she had said sorry I would have let her stay since she did not I asked her to leave. She called my boss, who happens to be a bigger germaphobe than me and got told the same thing.

Moral: Of the story, if your photographer asks you to do something do it.

p.s. she also argued that she should have to stay beside her baby, while her baby is on a 45 degree incline. She refused to stay by in case her baby fell off (which it almost did) until her husband said "OH MY GOSH THE BABY"S FALLING OFF!!!!"

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Dixon Cider.

I am on the phone with my dad on the bus and we are talking about roller derby. I skate with this guy names Dixon Cider (say it out loud) and I told my dad. Stupidly I never said his name out loud we just call him Dick at practice. So When ever I saw his name I thought Dicks in hot apple drink. As I say it out loud I realize that I was wrong then I realized that HEY IM ON A PACKED BUS! great.

The woman in front of me started praying for my soul >.>;

Monday, March 14, 2011

Mars needs moms.

I was never interested in seeing this movie but after reading a few reviews I almost am.
In the way liberals watch conservatives, with a twisted sense of awe that someone could really be that stupid.

From the reviews I have read this is the movies big message: woman can't have jobs because as soon as they have some form of power they stop being able to be mothers. Women can't get jobs because as soon as they do men become useless and of course everyone needs two parents, a mother AND a father to be loved.

There are so many problems with these messages. People may think well whatever, its a kids movie but that's my point. It's a kids movie, children can't filter these messages and file them away under "bullshit" they take them as truths.

I find as I actually start paying attention to children television that the messages that are being taught are outdated and wrong. Even shows that you would think were fine, such as mickey mouse playhouse. It's mickey mouse he teaches you colors and counting and when you're being bullied to do nothing. Do you remember Pete? When I was a kid he was a jack-ass, that was all but as an adult he's a bully. I don't know if he was always this bad or if throughout the years he's grown into this role. The fact is he is one and Mickey just bows to his will, there's no telling adults, there's just giving in and letting him get away with it.